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It all came about one day back in 2000 when Campbell Scoular-Fleming was living in a filthy little flat in Ponsonby,  after having a shower passed through the lounge where the boys were watching a porno.


"Max jumps up off the couch and says, here comes the moneyshot!"


"I went back to my room and thought about the word Moneyshot. Thats it! It’s all all about the Moneyshot! It’s the common thread! It’s used in film, porn, basketball, golf, pro-fighting, photography and assassinations. It represents our ambitions, motivations, successes and failures. It’s the best brand name ever! It can be used graphically and I can have some fun with it!"


Campbell went and registered and trademarked Moneyshot around the world.

He then went to night classes and picked up some graphic design skills, and while collaberating  with a couple of friends came up with 7 prints for T shirts.


" I took them to a store called Harlem Vintage and they ordered 500!".


Campbell then had to get his head around production.


Moneyshot quickly grew into one of the most well known and loved brands in the country, and over the years has been involved with and supported countless DJs, artists, musicians, pornstars, clubs, bars, gigs, bouncers, pro-fighters entrepreneurs and hustlers.

"If you have an old favourite that you cant see in the store, email me at campbell.fleming@gmail.com and Ill do my best to put it up for you.

If you are artisticly minded and have some designs you want to put out there, click on the free webstore link and start your own label for free. Who knows, maybe this could be your Moneyshot too.




Campbell Fleming


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